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Firm Overview


FUJIAN XIAMEN MINGJIA LAW OFFICE was established in 1997 in partnership. Since its opening, we have dealt in litigation, non- litigation /extra - judiciary and arbitration cases in the fields of economical, civil, financial and real estate; we act as counsellor and adviser to dozens of large and medium scale enterprises, corporations and organizations; we have participated successfully in corp project negotiation, contract signing, acquisition and merger, shares transfer, and intellectual property, etc.

Our lawyers have sufficient professional knowledge and competence, rich experience, and strong sense of responsibility. You could be rest assured of our high quality legal service.

Practice area:

We offer service to natural persons, legal persons, organizations both from China and abroad. We

1. act as legal counselor and senior advisor.

2. act as litigation attorney in civil, financial, real estate, intellectual property, economic and maritime cases, paraclete and attorney of criminal case.

3. mediation and arbitration for civil and economic disputes.

4. rectify contracts, participate in business negotiation and contract signing, issue legal advice or lawyer's official letters on assigned issue.

5. other non-litigational service such as process of registration/set-up of new companies, project legal feasibility study, replying to legal enquiries, drafting legal documents, etc.

Attorney Profiles

TEL: 86-592-2396766、2396767、2396769 FAX: 86-592-2396765 E-mail: law@mglawyer.com
ADD: The 7th Floor, the XinCheng Building, No.66-67, HuGuang Road, Xiamen, P.R.China.  ZIP: 361004